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AlternatorLink designs and manufactures a variety of test systems for electric motors, starters, alternators and generators. In addition, Link makes a full line of stator lacing machines, which are used by manufacturers of electric motors to lace the stator end coils.

Link electric motor test systems and starter/alternator/generator testers are available for product development applications, durability testing and production testing, such as end-of-line pass/fail. They can be configured as load testing dynamometers, or for more simple no-load testing applications.

These systems can test many types of AC or DC motors, including vehicle starter motors, alternators/generators used for standby power generation or in vehicles. A wide range of speeds, loads and power requirements are available to meet any test specification.

Typical test parameters measured by these Link systems include: current, voltage, resistance, hi-pot, torque, speed, power, temperature and NVH.

All test systems are designed with the highest level of quality and incorporate our user-configurable ProLink software designed for accurate and efficient data acquisition, data processing and data reporting.

Electric Motor Performance Test System

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