Custom Solutions

There’s 80 Years of Testing Experience In Every Solution We Design.

Custom solutions are the heart and soul of our company. Most suppliers either test your components or make test equipment. LINK does both. So you can test in our labs, buy your own system, or mix and match to fine-tune your solution. This kind of flexibility brings more intelligent, cost-effective results.

Every problem demands its own technical solution. That’s where our veteran, cross-functional engineering team excels. By actually using our own equipment in our in-house testing labs, they’ve faced the same challenges you face. That’s why there’s nobody better positioned to design and build the smartest solution for you.

And if you have a specification you need to meet, we can design a system to match it.

By keeping all engineering and manufacturing under our own roof, we’ve been delivering the most efficient, creative solutions for over 80 years.

We have the knowledge. We have the flexibility. How can we help you?

Control & Acquisition

We Put More In, So You Get More Out.

Not all data is created equal. What good is raw information if you can’t quickly get the answers you need?

Our ProLINK controls are powerful and robust, yet extremely user-friendly. We’ve done the programming for you, so you can analyze your data and create a virtually unlimited variety of custom reports, just through simple menu selections. It’s all about actionable results.

We know what you need because our engineers use the same equipment you do, testing actual customer products in our own in-house labs. That hands-on experience is built into every control system we make. They’re designed for users by users, for smarter solutions.

And since we design and develop all our control systems in-house, right down to board level, we support our electronics for ten to fifteen years—not just six or nine months like others do. 

The payoff is data that’s easy to use, reliable, auditable, and trusted. Every test. Every result.  


For Smarter Brake Testing, Stop Here.

LINK is the largest brake laboratory in the world, and the preferred supplier to most OEMs. As technical lead at many global working groups, we don’t just follow the standards; we set them.

Since 1935, we’ve helped establish the test specs and methodologies that become industry norms. This deep knowledge and expertise goes into everything we do – from the products we engineer to every test we run.

Because our labs use the same brake and friction material testing equipment you do, we’re LINK customers, too. So your dyno is designed for users, by users – with decades of experience built in.

Bottom line: Whether it’s durability, performance, NVH, or any of five other test types, you can always trust LINK to deliver the smartest solution. In our lab or yours, anywhere in the world. That’s why we’re the industry leader.

Transmission & Driveline

Driving Innovation. It’s What We Do.

Evaluating Transmission and Driveline systems presents unique and highly technical challenges. To accurately measure isolated components, moving at extreme speeds in complex mechanical systems, requires ingenious and sophisticated custom solutions.

For more than 80 years, LINK has brought this high level of custom testing, engineering, and support to OEMs and suppliers around the world.

Whether it’s designing and manufacturing a complete system, testing in our in-house labs, or a cost-effective combination of the two, LINK is known for creating the most appropriate solution to your most demanding individual needs.

All of our solutions are based on our innovative ProLINK control system – the most powerful yet user-friendly control system in the industry. ProLINK lets you analyze your data and create actionable custom reports through simple menu selections.

LINK’s Transmission and Driveline capabilities range from individual components to full vehicle systems. Let’s talk about your specific testing needs.

Wheel End

Constantly Rolling Forward.

As the gold standard in testing for more than 80 years, LINK has brought hands-on experience and out-of-the-box thinking to new applications of every kind.

In tire, wheel, and bearing component development, our innovative methods have transformed how tests are run – increasing speeds, reducing test times, and dramatically shrinking costs. For example, our use of road-load data in the laboratory has already saved OEMs and suppliers millions of dollars.

We’ve brought these smarter technologies to our local laboratories around the globe, and we build them into the many system configurations we manufacture.

The net result is higher accuracy, increased efficiency, and greater durability – for a better ROI.


Our Company Was Built On Springs.

In 1939 LINK was awarded its first patent: a spring tester. Today some of those early products are still in use, and we still build the most reliable, long-lasting spring and resilient-material testers in the world.

Since we’ve made more spring testers than anyone, we know springs better than anyone. So whatever your application—large or small, compression or tension, manual or automated, standard or custom—we have the smartest spring-testing solution for you.

Come to LINK for both test equipment and laboratory testing services:

  • Foam rubber
  • Rubber engine mounts
  • Door seals
  • Gas shocks for stamping presses
  • Spring forms and wire forms
  • Coil, leaf, wave, arcuate, Belleville, and washer type springs
  • Custom applications of any kind
Servo Hydraulics

Now Serving Servo Hydraulics.

Thanks to our acquisition of Dynamic Testing Equipment, LINK is bringing innovative, uncompromising testing solutions to Servo Hydraulics.

We acquired DTE because they shared our same high standards of performance, safety, and reliability. In fact, for decades they have built the most durable, longest-lasting actuators anywhere. That’s why 9 out of every 10 customers kept coming back.

With this significant new capability, LINK now brings the same creative solutions and industry-leading performance to Servo Hydraulics that we build into all of our products—from actuators to large-scale earthquake simulators, new equipment or rebuild, standard or custom.

Explore our extensive range of Servo Hydraulic components, and see why they have won such a high degree of loyalty and respect.