V-Max 4000 Data Acquisition System

The V-Max 4000 is the latest addition to the LINK line of data acquisition equipment. This system combines rugged dependability with the versatility of a portable, completely modular system. Modules can easily be added or removed to provide more or fewer data channels as testing requirements change.

Three Degree of Freedom

Exciter 3D - Three Degrees of Freedom Vibration Test System

The LINK Three Degrees of Freedom Vibration Test System is designed for the seismic qualification of mechanical or electrical components and assemblies. It can be customized to meet each user’s specific testing needs and requirements.

Model 1230 Wheel Impact Tester

The Model 1230 Wheel Impact Test System measures the results of impact by a dropped weight on wheels and other components. The tester is mounted in a pit below floor level with a two-post frame and guide assembly extending above the floor. Fixtures and detachable striker heads are available to perform vertical or angular impact on a variety of wheels. A motorized winch is used to raise the drop box and incremental weights from up to 4.5 m above the test item. A remote controlled latch releases the drop box. Sensors measure position and velocity.

Model 3526 Eccentric Mass Wheel

The Model 3526 Eccentric Mass Tester is designed to evaluate automotive wheel fatigue without spinning the test part. A stationary moment shaft is attached to the wheel from below with an offset mass spinning around the moment shaft. The spinning offset mass provides a load that transfers through the moment shaft to the test wheel.

Steering Assembly Test Stand

Steering Assembly Test Stand

This system will test hydraulic power steering units consisting of a rack and pinion with an integrated power steering boost valve. The first set of tests is run without power steering fluid flowing to the unit and the next tests are run with power steering fluid. The power steering fluid is flow/pressure controlled to emulate the power steering pump in a vehicle. Several sensors measure input and output forces and torques on the specimen, while the linear and rotary positions of the parts of the specimen are also measured. This information is collected, stored, and displayed by the software running on the PC.

Model 3928 Bearing Endurance Test Machine

The Model 3928 provides a sophisticated dual station test system to perform endurance testing on automotive wheel bearings. A single control system is integrated to run both test stations. The Model 3928 is an ideal instrument for control, product development research and other endurance applications.

Bi-Axial Seismic Exciter

The LINK Bi-Axial Seismic Exciter is designed to accurately reproduce seismic events. Horizontal and vertical tests can be run independently by rotating the actuator.  This provides a cost effective solution for performing statistically independent motions in the X,Y,Z directions without off-axis motion concerns.

Ball Joint Boot Test Machine

Ball Joint Boot Test Machine

The Ball Joint Boot Test Machine is specifically designed to run the Key Life Tests. This test is for boots protecting ball joints and includes the following test requirements:

Seat Vibration Tester

Seat Vibration Tester

The Seat Vibration Tester is designed to accommodate up to six single seats or a combination of two and three seat benches with a payload of 800 pounds and a constant acceleration of 1 G. To avoid backlash problems, the table is pivoted on a flexure design bearing. The system is designed to be assembled in an anechoic chamber.