BM 14200 Roller Brake Tester




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BM 14200 Roller Brake Tester


The BM14200 Roller Brake tester (also known as a Performance-Based Brake Tester or PBBT) uses two large rollers and one small center roller, one meter wide, on each wheel, to test vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000 kg. Optional wider rollers and the split sub frame design allow the user to customize the track width range during installation, allowing for a wide range of wheel tracks. A rugged aluminum enclosure houses large and easy-to-read analog and digital displays of relevant test data.


  • Passenger cars to heavy trucks
  • Vehicle inspection centers
  • Repair shops


Rollerbeds (two) 910 mm L x 1285 mm W x 622 mm H
Rollers 4 Main 260 mm dia, 2 Center 80 mm dia, 1000 mm wide (std)
Roller height above floor 25 mm front, 70 mm rear
Friction coefficient of roller Min 0.7 dry, 0.6 wet
Tire Track Width 850 mm inside to 2850 mm outside (std)
Maximum test axle weight 16000 kg (std), 20000 kg (optional)
Gear motor 11 kW
Brake force 0 to 3600 daN
Test speed 2.7 km/h
Operating temperature –15°C to + 50°C


Key Benefits

  • Large chain wheels minimize chain adjustments
  • Large middle roller improves damping
  • Heavy duty bearings for durability
  • High quality weight transducers
  • High strength roller axles

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