BM 3010 Mobile Brake Tester




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BM 3010 Mobile Brake Tester


The LINK BM3010 is an  above ground/mobile brake tester for light vehicles with axle loads up to 3500 kg and a wide range of wheel tracks. An aluminum enclosure houses large and easy-to-read analog and digital displays of relevant test data. The brake tester roller set is hot-galvanized, and can be installed either inside or outdoors.


  • Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and Motorcycles
  • Service and parking brakes


Roller diameter / length

150 mm / 700 to 1000 mm

Roller friction coefficient

0.7 dry, 0.6 wet

Wheel track

850 to 2250 mm

Maximum test axle weight

3500 kg

Gear motor

1.1 kW

Brake force

0-100 daN +2daN, 100-700 daN: ± 2% FS

Test speed

2.0 km/h


735mm L x 500 mm W x 140 mm H

Weight measurement

0-100 kg: ± 2 kg, > 100 kg ± 2 % FS

Pedal force measurement

0-99 daN  ± 1 daN


3ph,  400 VAC


Key Benefits

  • Simple setup and one handed operation
  • Proven maintenance-free design
  • Detects dragging brakes
  • Determines if all brakes start working at the same pedal force
  • Checks if brakes are functioning properly
  • Finds parking system defects
  • Identifies run out and rotor thickness/force variation as the brake rotates

Test Procedures

  • PBBT performance for brake output and balance

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