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Chrysler Proving Grounds Arizona


LINK has access to the Chrysler Proving Grounds located in Yucca, Arizona. The Arizona Proving Ground has immediate access to public highways, mountain grades and a wide variety of elevations ranging from 500 to 6,500 feet, within a 50 mile radius.  Excellent, generally predictable weather patterns, combined with a hot, dry, dusty desert climate, further serve to enhance the attractiveness of the Arizona Proving Ground. With nearby varied terrain and temperature ranges from 30° F to 120° F, the Arizona Proving Ground can provide a wide spectrum of testing conditions.

The Facilities include

  • 3,840 fenced acres
  • 5 mile oval
  • Vehicle dynamics facility (16.9 acres)
  • Wet traction surfaces
  • Corrosion / humidity chambers
  • 12% / 20% / 30% test grades
  • Variety of concrete test surfaces
  • Variety of gravel and dirt roads
  • Hoists
  • Canopies for outside work
  • Multiple fueling facilities
  • 17 acre vehicle dynamics facility
  • Water ingestion test area (depth up to 48 inches)
  • Vehicle corrosion test chambers - humidity and drying
  • Special test roads/surfaces for vehicle durability testing
  • Water leak test facility
  • Low friction facility suitable for ABS testing
  • 5 mile high speed oval conducive to speeds in excess of 200 mph / neutral steer of 153 mph
  • Off road test surfaces
  • Cold fuel storage and dispensing
  • Soak sheds with vehicle compartment air conditioning

High Speed Oval

The high speed oval provides for performance testing, fuel economy testing, acceleration and braking.  Main features of the five mile oval include three lanes and two 1 mile long straight-aways.

Vehicle Dynamics Facility

The Vehicle Dynamics Facility is a fully flat 16.9 acre asphalt surface.  This area is ideal for testing steering input, steering efforts, lane changes, steady state cornering and other related vehicle dynamics.

Low Friction (ABS) Facility

The low friction test facility is designed for global brake certification, development testing, traction control, all-wheel drive systems testing Electronic Stability Program (ESP) development.  The test surfaces run from 500 to 700 feet in length and provide a wetting system that can simulate ice.  The facility consists of the following surfaces:

  • Basalt Tile
  • Checkerboard Tile (Porcelain)
  • Alternating Tile
  • Contiguous Tile (Porcelain and Basalt)
  • Brushed Concrete
  • Polished Concrete
  • Wet Asphalt
    ** The Porcelain Tile has a Mu of .15 to .3.
    ** Weight capacity on the ABS is limited to no greater than 16,000 lbs.

Diversified Testing Capabilities

The Arizona Proving Ground can conduct a variety of durability, performance and special test procedures, such as:

  • Light truck structural durability
  • Accelerated vehicle corrosion testing
  • Solar exposure
  • Environmental simulation (rain booth, salt water spray, humidity chambers, drying chambers)
  • Fuel testing
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), ISO brake certification for car and light truck and ECE brake certification
  • AMS European Standard Brake Fade test, Consumer Reports Stopping Distance test
  • Tire traction testing for car and light truck
  • Fuel Tank Temperature Profiling

Capabilities and Services

  • Product Durability
    • Powertrain testing
    • Structural testing
  • Product Development  
    • Vehicle dynamics (steering and handling)
    • CNG
    • ABS - testing and certification
    • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) development
  • Diversified Testing
    • Corrosion testing
    • Soak farm
    • Stone impingement/close follow testing
    • Dust intrusion
    • Tow dynamometers (drawbar 1,200 lbs and 2,500 lbs)
    • Scales - light and heavy duty (20,000 lbs per axle

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