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Chrysler Proving Grounds Chelsea, MI


LINK has access to the Chelsea Proving Grounds located at 3700 South M52 in Chelsea Michigan, just 60 miles west of Detroit. The 3,800-acre Proving Grounds is one of the largest, most modern automotive test sites in the world. Dedicated on June 16, 1954, its roads and facilities have been improved and expanded continually to keep pace with product offerings and testing techniques. The Chelsea Proving Grounds contains over 100 lane miles of on and off road test surfaces. Durability and Reliability testing is conducted year round in laboratories and on specially designed roads. In addition to test roads and surfaces, the Chelsea Proving Grounds also offers impact testing, emissions and fuel economy testing.

Testing Facilities

Durability Roads

Durability Test surfaces are constructed of concrete, asphalt, gravel, stone, Belgian block and other rough surfaces for determining reliability and durability. Test surfaces range from low amplitude, high speed to high amplitude low speed events for maximum durability test acceleration rates.

Evaluation and Handling Roads

These roads are used for evaluation of steady state handling through a variety of cornering radii at a wide range of vehicle speeds. Testing consists of both subjective and instrumented events designed for sub-limit and limit evaluations.

Vehicle Dynamics Facility

The Vehicle Dynamics Facility is an 18 acre paved surface to evaluate steering, suspension, and braking characteristics at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.


We offer 7, 15, and 32 percent grade roads to evaluate hill climbing and service brakes. Additional grades of 20 and 30 percent are dedicated to parking brake and parking sprag testing.

Off Road Test Areas

Durability roads include steep, off-road areas with grades of 20 to 60 percent for testing four-wheel drive vehicles, and a mud pond for evaluating vehicle splash characteristics.

Oval Test Track

Our recently repaved Oval Test Track has six lanes, is 4.7 miles long, and is conducive to speeds in excess of 200 mph. It has Neutral Steer of 130 mph in the 6th lane in the turns. This track is used for collecting data on highway and city-type driving. It is also used for endurance, engine cycling, brake, transmission, rear axle performance, fuel economy, and engine temperature.

Ride Road

This road offers a 4.3 mile asphalt and concrete surfaced road for vehicle ride evaluations, steering and suspension testing, body shake, and noise vibration and harshness analysis.

Skid Traction Facility

The Skid Traction Facility offers four 1,000 foot lanes of varying surface friction coefficients to measure vehicle stability and stopping capabilities. Built in sprinklers can be activated to test vehicle capabilities on each of the lanes when wet as well.

Splash Trough

The concrete trough is 250 feet long and 12 feet wide. It is used to validate body sealing, fascia retention, water ingestion, and electrical component function in the engine compartment.

Straightaway Roads

We offer two paved straight level roads with 80 foot turn around pads. Our East/West Straightaway is 1.6 miles long and is ideal for brake testing. Our North/South Straightaway is 2.2 miles long and is used for fuel economy, performance, and coastdown testing.

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