3945 Road Load Simulation System

LINK’s Model 3945 Road Load Simulation System is designed specifically to reproduce steering and road load on a corner module within a LINK Model 3900 brake dynamometer. Prepare to cut costs and reduce development time.


Hydraulic Piping

LINK has years of experience supplying and installing non-welded hydraulic piping systems. The flared joint system incorporates flaring the pipe ends to 10 degrees and utilizing two internal cones. These include one O-Ring face cone flange with an SAE O-Ring, and one flat face cone flange. External code 61 4- bolt flanges are used to connect the pipes when tightened, forming an interference fit.

Model 3070 Vehicle DTV & Drag Tester

The Model 3070 Vehicle DTV & Drag test system provides operators the ability to measure the inboard and outboard run-out, as well as, the Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of a disc brake rotor on-the vehicle. The system can also measure both rolling and break-away torque. It is a portable station that can easily be moved around the vehicle test garage from hoist to hoist to measure vehicles.

Model 2636 Brake Functionality Test Stand

The Model 2636 Brake Functionality Test Stand is a versatile system that can perform a number of performance and durability tests on automotive brake components. The test stand uses a hydraulic brake apply unit for durability testing, and an electric brake apply unit for high pressure (burst) testing. This machine performs piston roll back tests by applying fluid pressure to the brake caliper, simulating service conditions, and measuring movement of the brake piston when the pressure is released. It also performs knock back testing by applying a force directly to the piston with a linear actuator to stimulate additional piston movement.