Rotary Actuator

Rotary Actuators

LINK offers two types of rotary actuators, the Model RSA stationary rotary actuators, and the Model RRA rotating or spinning rotary actuators. Both are used for various applications and are adaptable enough to fit the needs of the customer.

Fatigue Rated Ball Joints

Fatigue Rated Ball Joints

LINK Fatigue rated ball joints are commonly used in conjunction with either linear actuators or struts in test set-ups that require lateral motions.  The ball joint helps protect the actuators or struts from transverse forces and bending moments that may exceed their maximum allowable values. 

Steering Pump Test System

Steering Pump Test System

The Steering Pump Test System is a custom designed two station system. It consists of two independent Lab View based test stands with environmental chambers and a common conditioning source. It is able to simulate real time pump conditions.

M 2440

Model 2440 EPS Electric Steering Durability System

The Model 2440 EPS Electric Steering Performance System is designed to test electric servo-assisted steering rack and pinion assemblies. Fixturing is mounted to a dual axis slide assembly, allowing parts to be moved horizontally and vertically as required for testing. Two separate test heads allow for rapid cycling of the output shaft of the EPS test piece along with operating in a range conducive to accurate, no ripple speed control.


Model 1908 Alternator and Starter Tester

The Model 1908 Starter Motor and Alternator Tester is designed to perform research and product development testing on automotive starters in absorbing mode or on alternators in motoring mode. The standard version of this versatile dynamometer has a maximum shaft speed of 4,000 rpm, however it can optionally be configured with a maximum shaft speed of up to 20,000 rpm.

M 2430 EPS Electric Steering Performance System

LINK Model 2430 EPS Electric Steering Performance System

The LINK Model 2430 EPS Electric Steering Performance System is designed to test electric servo-assisted steering columns. Fixturing accommodates a wide range of column sizes and configurations. Four separate test heads accommodate for various gear ratios. Feedback control is conducted off of speed or torque limits.

Exhaust Corrosion Fatigue Tester

Exhaust Corrosion Fatigue Tester

The Exhaust Corrosion Fatigue Tester is capable of running an accelerated corrosion test on an exhaust flex hose or exhaust de-coupler according to various customer-specific tests. Relative corrosion performance between various designs is the main objective of this test. Test components are evaluated for various corrosion mechanisms including inter granular attack along the grain boundary of the material, trans granular stress corrosion cracking, pitting, general surface corrosion, and crevice corrosion.

Hydraulic Power Steering Pump Stand

Model 2300 Hydraulic Power Steering Test Stand

The Link Model 2300 Power Steering Pump Test Stand is used for testing hydraulic automotive steering pumps. It consists of a motor, an air cylinder actuated fixture mounting table that rides vertically on two linear slides and a universal fixture mounting plate. A load cell, between the air cylinder and the table, allows control and measurement of the belt load on the steering pump. The fixture assembly enables testing of a wide range of pumps. ProLINK Software provides control for machine operation and handles data acquisition, data reduction and report generation.

Table Top Load Frame

The Table Top Load Frame is a compact and affordable testing system with both static and dynamic loading capabilities. It can be engaged in a variety of tests, and it has improved accuracy at low speeds due to low friction hydrostatic bearings.

Cross Port Bleed Valve

Cross-Port Bleed Valves can be used to provide damping and stabilizing high capacitance test systems. The thru-hole plate mounts directly between the servo valve, and actuator manifold O-rings are included.