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Fowlerville Proving Ground


LINK has access to the Fowlerville Proving Ground located in Fowlerville, Michigan.Situated on 950 secluded acres near Fowlerville, Michigan, the FPG combines leading-edge testing and analytical technologies in a pleasant, rural setting just a short drive from Detroit. The facility boasts four test tracks, including a 4,500-foot straightaway, 48,000 square-feet of low and middle µ tiles, a 20-acre dynamic pad and a 3-mile oval track.

Inside, there are two 6,000 square-foot garages fully stocked with hand and power tools, 2-post and 4-post automotive lifts, an alignment rack, scales, a well-equipped machine shop, and office space.

Testing Facilities


  • Opened in 2005
  • Straight, level, asphalt road
  • Turn-around loops at both ends
  • 4 lanes wide
  • 4,500 feet in length
  • Designed friction coefficient of 0.95 +/- 0.05

Low & Middle

  • Opened in 2007
  • Consists of two separate tile testing surfaces - each with different coefficients of friction
  • Water is applied via underground sprinkler system capable of watering both tile surfaces individually as well as the asphalt in between the first 350 feet of tile, at the same time or separately.
  • Low friction ceramic tiles (simulating ice)
    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.09 – 0.12 (wet)
    • 700 ft. in length
    • 30 ft. wide (at widest point)
  • Middle friction basalt tiles (simulating snow)
    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.25 – 0.35 (wet)
    • 700 ft. in length
    • 51 feet wide (at widest point)
  • Approach to the tile surfaces
    • 1,350 ft. in length
    • Straight, level, asphalt road
    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.95 +/- 0.05 (dry)
  • Possible configurations include:
    • High μ only
    • Low μ only
    • Low μ/ High μ split (both directions)
    • Low μ/ Wet asphalt split (both directions)
    • Mid μ only
    • Mid μ/ High μ split (both directions)
    • Mid μ/ Wet asphalt split (both directions)
    • High μ/ Low μtransition
    • Low μ/ High μ transition
    • High μ/ Mid μ transition
    • Mid μ/ High μ transition

Dynamic Pad

  • Opened in 2007
  • 1,000 ft. Diameter
  • Flat, level, asphalt circle
  • Designed friction coefficient of 0.95 +/- 0.05
  • Three separate approach/departure lanes – each 1,350 ft. long
  • Asphalt markings for 30mR, 60mR, 100mR, single & double lane change. More can be added at user request
  • NHTSA lane departure confirmation test course – solid white, dashed yellow, &botts dots

Oval Track

  • 3 mile oval track
  • Two, 12 ft. wide lanes
  • Asphalt – no banking (7% grade in curves)
  • South curve is 1,000 ft. radius
  • North curve has decreasing radius from 1,500 ft. to 1,000 ft.
  • 4,500 ft. straightaway

Testing Services

Vehicle Performance Evaluations

  • Active Safety: LDW NCAP, FCW NCAP, Crash Avoidance, CIB, DBS,ESC NCAP, ACC, Blind Spot Detection
  • Vehicle Dynamics: Handling/Steering Evaluations, FMVSS126
  • Brake Performance: ABS, TCS, VSC, Base Brakes
  • Road Load: Coast Down and Load Measurement, SAE J1263, J2263

Customized Testing Services Requests

  • Project management, engineer and technician support
  • Benchmark and competitive evaluations
  • OEM procedures and standardized procedures (SAE, ISO, NHTSA)
  • Coordination with affiliate company resources
  • International vehicle importation and logistics

Off-site Field Study and Suitability Testing

  • Off-site GPS live data tracking and remote data management
  • Data Acquisition and Instrumentation
  • Data History Reporting
  • Total Project Management

Test Equipment

  • Data acquisition – performance, durability and field testing
  • High performance vehicle motion measurement systems
  • Integrated vehicle to vehicle measurement systems
  • Video acquisition – with data integration
  • Steering, brake, and accelerator robot systems - with integrated data acquisition and controller

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