Hydraulic Impulse Hose Testing Machine

Computer Controlled Hydraulic Impulse Hose Testing Machine


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Structural Fatigue

Hydraulic Impulse Hose Testing Machine


Using a proven concept, LINK has refined this hose testing machine to provide unparalleled safety and performance. The machine interface allows the operator to quickly set up tests, calibrate the system, and run stored test files. A vented chamber eliminates the possibility of an explosion from the buildup of test fluid vapors in the environmental chamber. Performance is enhanced by using a robust intensifier with a built-in servo valve. The built-in servo valve improves performance by increasing the natural frequency of the system. A special valve with lower hysterysis and threshold provides higher accuracy than a standard flapper-nozzle valve in this pressure control application.


  • Heating of air temperature to 150o C
  •  Heating of fluid to 150o C
  • Pressure pulsing of fluid to 3000 PSI
  • Cooling of air temperature to -40o C

Key Benefits

  • Separate test fluid and hydraulic system
  • Servo controlled pressure intensifier
  • External venting of air for safety (no high temperature fumes)
  • Tests up to (18) hoses
  • Test editor up to 25 steps, stored PID for each step, and test file storage
  • High ramp-rate
  • Small footprint

Test Procedures

  • VDA AK-LH-03
  • Chrysler PF-7785
  • Ford WSA-M96D36
  • Ford ESA-M2D17-B
  • Ford ES-3M51-3A212-AB
  • G.M. ESA-M2D17-B
  • SAE J-2044
  • ISO 6803


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