Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators

Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators


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Structural Fatigue

Hydrostatic Bearing Actuators


Hydrostatic bearings are used to support the piston rod which creates an actuator with extremely high side load capabilities. This is possible because the hydrostatic bearing is “self- compensating” in that the hydraulic forces will change to counteract any side-load and maintain consistent lubrication to the rod bearing assembly. This results in a very low friction actuator, for very high speed and high frequency capabilities, in addition to its high side loads resistance. The bearings are designed for minimal frictional losses, with less than 5 lbs. of force being required to move the actuator at 3000 PSI 


  • Elastomer testing
  • 4-poster road simulators
  • 100 Hz + applications

Key Benefits

  • Extremely large projected area for the bearing which reduces the stresses on the load carrying surface
  • High side load capability with extremely long life
  • Optimized design for high stiffness and low fluid consumption


Force ratings available
6.3 kip
11 kip
22 kip
55 kip
110 kip
Standard strokes of 4”, 6” and 10” Custom force and strokes available upon request.


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