Model 1158 TO-4 Wet Friction Test Machine




Test Equipment

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue, Chemical

Model 1158 TO-4 Wet Friction Test Machine


The Model 1158 T0-4 Wet Friction Test Machine conducts tests for performance and durability of wet friction clutch plates, spacer plates and transmission fluids. This incremental inertia dynamometer uses the kinetic energy of the rotating mass that is absorbed by the reaction of a rotating friction disc and an opposing stationary steel plate. The operator can select test parameters and control modes, while displaying pertinent data and monitoring test data. The system uses the vehicle’s drive train lubricants as the cooling medium. Apply pressures are modulated to obtain controlled outputs in repetitive tests.


Control System ProLINK
Force 5200-45,000 N
Motor 37 Kw VFAC
Test Speed 250-5700 rpm
Torque 0-200 Nm Running, 0-3500 Nm Static

0.5-1.5 Kgm2


1.0-5.6 lpm


19 liters


70o-121o C

Key Benefits

  • Performs industry standard tests to certify transmission fluid
  • ProLINK software and controls
  • Proven components with low maintenance
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Fold-away chamber for ease of technician test part setup

Test Procedures

  • SAE  J2487 3 600 RPM stepped power evaluation
  • SAE  J2488 6 000 RPM stepped power evaluation
  • SAE J2489 durability test
  • SAE J2490 µPVT performance test
  • Limited slip differential for performance, chatter, and moan

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