Model 1200 Automotive Sub-Scale Dynamometer




Test Equipment

Test Type

Performance, Durability

Model 1200 Automotive Sub-Scale Dynamometer


The Model 1200 Sub-Scale Automotive Dynamometer provides an economical alternative to full scale dynamometer testing.  This machine is configured to replicate full scale brake assemblies by utilizing approximately one-fifth scale samples of a variety of friction materials to analyze actual vehicle braking conditions. The universal caliper and rotor provide a convenient way to evaluate friction materials without actual vehicle components.  


Control System


Torque Capacity


600 Nm 

Test Rotor

235 mm diameter

Fixture Type

Universal caliper

Brake Enclosure

Insulated, double-walled, stainless steel

Main Drive

40KW AC Motor


1500/2500 rpm

Mechanical Inertia System

One fixed disc (8 to 18 kgm2)


Key Benefits

  • Small generic sample sizes
  • Universal caliper, which does not require actual vehicle components
  • Low energy requirements
  • Rapid test cycles
  • Simple machine installation due to vibration isolators

Test Procedures

  • AMS high speed fade
  • Brake Torque Variation - BTV
  • Corrosion removal behavior
  • Drum-in-hat performance
  • DTV generation and correction
  • ISO 26867 friction behavior assessment
  • JASO C406 passenger car brake performance
  • JASO C427 wear vs. temperature
  • JASO C443 mountain descent simulation
  • Laurel Mountain durability
  • SAE J2784 for FMVSS 105 & 135 dyno testing below 4 450 kg GVWR
  • ISO 26865 performance for air brake systems
  • ISO 26866 wear vs. temperature for air brake systems
  • JASO C407 truck and bus brake performance
  • SAE J2115 commercial vehicles performance and wear
  • SAE J2522 AK-Master
  • SAE J2707 wear vs. temperature and block wear

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