Model 1230 Wheel Impact Tester




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Test Type

Structural Fatigue

Model 1230 Wheel Impact Tester


The Model 1230 Wheel Impact Test System measures the results of impact by a dropped weight on wheels and other components. The tester is mounted in a pit below floor level with a two-post frame and guide assembly extending above the floor. Fixtures and detachable striker heads are available to perform vertical or angular impact on a variety of wheels. A motorized winch is used to raise the drop box and incremental weights from up to 4.5 m above the test item. A remote controlled latch releases the drop box. Sensors measure position and velocity.


Drop Box 115 to 450 kg
Drop Height 0 to 4.5 m
Velocity 0.025 to 10 m/s
Position 0 to 5000 mm
Impact Load Cell 9000 kg Compression


Test Procedures

  • AK-LH-08
  • ECE R124
  • ISO 7141
  • ISO 1981
  • SAE J175
  • SAE J250
  • SAE J3010

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