Model 1400 Aircraft Sub-Scale Dynamometer




Test Equipment

Test Type

Performance, Durability

Model 1400 Aircraft Sub-Scale Dynamometer


The Model 1400 Sub-Scale Aircraft Dynamometer provides an economical alternative to full-scale dynamometer testing. This dynamometer replicates the kinetic energy per unit, and other parameters, such as temperature, at the friction interface. It is used extensively in simulating the performance of carbon-carbon brakes. The Model 1400 is designed to replicate and analyze actual aircraft operating conditions at the friction interface. The precisely controlled linear loading system closely controls the unit pressure between test samples.


Control System


Torque Capacity

675 Nm

Test Rotor

235 mm diameter

Fixture type

Universal caliper

Brake Enclosure

Conventional Steel

Main Drive

30 kW


3570/7000 rpm

Mechanical Inertia System

0.20 - 2.15 kgm2

Key Benefits

  • Small generic sample sizes
  • Simple fixture which does not require actual aircraft components
  • Low energy requirements
  • Rapid test cycles
  • Can be located in virtually any lab environment due to vibration isolators

Test Procedures

  • Taxiing
  • Landing
  • Rejected take-off

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