Model 1450 - Low Pressure Rotor Wear Test Machine




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Test Type

Performance, Durability

Model 1450 - Low Pressure Rotor Wear Test Machine


The LINK Model 1450 Low Pressure Wear Machine is designed to generate accelerated rotor wear under low-pressure drag, simulating rotor wear characteristics representative of off-brake operation.

A fixture holds the friction sample parallel, and flat to, the rotor surface without vibration. The sample is centered for mid-radius alignment at a six o’clock position. The friction sample is pressed against the spinning rotor at a controlled pressure of up to 1 Bar.


Sample Size

25.4 x 12.7 cm

Motor Size

0.75 kW

Motor Speed

700—1100 rpm

Maximum Pressure Apply

1 Bar


Key Benefits

  • Variable speed operation
  • Adjustable motor position and sample holder
  • Variable pneumatic digital pressure control
  • Programmable Timer
  • Wear measurement
  • Safety guard

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