Model 1614 Starter Motor Test Stand


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Model 1614 Starter Motor Test Stand


The Model 1614 Starter Motor Test Stand tests automotive starters in a production environment to identify defective starters. It applies a load to the motor, which simulates actual operating conditions, and then it acquires data, compares data points with predetermined limits, determines pass/fail and graphically displays and saves each test result. It typically runs a free spin and performance test on each motor. The ProLINK control system facilitates testing up to 110 starter motors per hour. The test motor is mounted into a fixture and secured by hydraulic clamps. A pneumatic cylinder contacts the starter terminals and the test is run. Sensors measure current, voltage, speed and reaction torque. A pneumatic cylinder and die marks each starter that passes the test.


  • Run starter motor free spin and performance tests
  • Measure torque, speed, current and voltage
  • Calculate power and efficiency


Motor 15 kW AC servo motor & drive
Power Supply 20 volts DC, 1000 amps
Controls ProLink software with PLC I/O
Marking cylinder Pneumatic
Speed sensors Digital encoder and non-contact proximity sensor
Pneumatically operated contact block to energize the starter
Hydraulic clamps for securing the starter to the fixture


Key Benefits

  • Time saving: up to 110 motors per hour
  • Automatic clamping and connection to starter terminals

Test Procedures

Free spin test followed by a performance test: The free-spin test detects bearing problems. The performance test runs the starter from no-load to full-stall, measuring torque, speed, current and voltage. It calculates power and efficiency and then prints a pass/fail tag with the test results.

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