Model 200 - Model 600 Chase Friction Material Test System




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Model 200 - Model 600 Chase Friction Material Test System


The Chase Friction Material Test Machines (Model 200 and Model 600) are designed and engineered to evaluate the frictional characteristics of materials used in braking systems in accordance with the SAE J661 test procedure.  The machine may be effectively utilized for quality control, research and development, or certification type applications, with highly repeatable results. Two models are available, with normal load test capacities of 200 or 600lbs. 

The LINK Chase Friction Material Test Machine is a recognized standard throughout the world and provides precise data on frictional material performance and wear characteristics.  


Normal Load Model 0 to 200 / 600 lbs
Friction Force 100 / 300 lbs  
Speed 0 to 1000 RPM 
Temperature 0 to 540°C
Sample Size 25.4 x 25.4 x 6.35 mm

Key Benefits

  • Ability to recreate actual operating conditions
  • Tests results presented in text and graphic form during the test
  • Access to a database of test sequences and test results
  • Self-standing enclosure to house all control components – prevents contamination
  • Quickly provides test data due to easy specimen loading design
  • Forced-air cooling to maintain drum temperatures with minimum noise

Test Procedures

  • SAE J661

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