Model 20200 Roller Brake Tester




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Model 20200 Roller Brake Tester


The LINK Model 20200 Roller Brake Tester is only 152 mm high above the rollers and can be placed on a garage floor or in a parking lot without a special foundation or pit. Brake forces at each wheel are measured with strain-gage type transducers. Additional sensors are available to measure air pressure, pedal force and axle weight. The ramps quickly fold up so that one person can easily roll it out of the way. Six large rubber feet are adjustable for uneven surfaces and prevent tester movement.


  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Automatically tests ABS and ATC
  • Rolling Resistance - dragging brakes or wheel bearings
  • Brake Threshold Pressure - all brakes starting at the same pressure
  • Service Brake Force – proper brake function
  • Parking Brake Force - bad springs or valves


Rollers 150 mm diameter
Vehicle Weight 1,360 kg
Roller Speed 1.0 to 2.5 kph
Axle Load 15,000 kg
Force 32,000 N (at ea. brake)
Gear Motors (2) 3.7 to 11.2 kW


Key Benefits

  • Simple setup
  • One person operation without special skills
  • Check all brakes on a five-axle tractor trailer in under 10 minutes

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