Model 2490 Torque Flex Durability Machine




Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 2490 Torque Flex Durability Machine


The Model 2490 Torque Flex Durability Machine is designed to provide low-speed, high-torque durability testing for brake caliper assemblies, parking brake systems, and associated brake hardware. This machine utilizes proven, durable Link dynamometer components, such as standard tailstocks, in-line torque transducers, brake fixtures, hydraulic brake apply systems and mechanical parking brake apply systems.


Motor Size 15kW
Maximum Motor Speed 1750 rpm
Ratio 450:1
Maximum Output Speed 3.8 rpm
Maximum Output Torque 11,300 Nm
Maximum Brake Pressure 207 bar

Key Benefits

  • Low-speed and High-torque Operation
  • In-line Torque Transducer
  • Flexibility and Multiple-Mode Operation

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