Model 2500 Rotary Fatigue Machine


Wheel, Hub


Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 2500 Rotary Fatigue Machine


The Model 2500 is designed to determine the integrity of wheel and brake components by replicating the force on the components by controlling the magnitude of the cornering forces consistently. This machine tests rotors, wheels, bearing packs, axle extenders, etc., by mounting the test components vertically on a rotating table and applying a varying load at an adjustable angle.

The control system maintains a constant force on the load arm while spinning the rotary table at the desired test speed. The test is complete when either the test part fails, or the required number of rotations is reached.


Control System     ProLINK
Maximum Load      25,000 lbs.
Maximum Table Speed 800 rpm
Drive/Motor 10 HP
Max Wheel Size 40”
Monitors Normal Load, Load Variation, Speed, Torque, Position


Key Benefits

  • The fast response servo valve provides controlled load apply during the test
  • Contains a failure detection system with enunciator

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