Model 2552 Booster Test Stand




Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness, Structural Fatigue

Model 2552 Booster Test Stand


The Model 2552 Booster Test Stand is specifically configured to evacuate and fill the brake system with fluid and measure displacement. Tests are performed by applying pressure to the brake booster and measuring fluid displacement and movement of the mechanical components. This versatile test system is constructed of stainless steel, with a nickel-plated T-Slot base, so a variety of test parts and brake apply mechanisms can be mounted on the bench top to simulate real-life installations.


Fluid Displacement

98 cc
Flow Meter 0.2 cc / sec to 160 cc / sec
Maximum Pressure 200 Bar
Maximum Stroke 25 mm
Stroke Speed  0.1 to 220 mm / sec
Maximum Force 1000 N
Force Ramp Rate 5 to 500 N / sec

Key Benefits

  • Durable stainless steel bench
  • T-Slot base for easy fixture setup
  • Automatic brake fluid evacuation and fill
  • Generic tooling allows a wide array of test procedures
  • Linear actuator for force or stroke application
  • LINK Brake Apply System
  • Panel mounted gauges for high visibility
  • Panel mounted supply connections
  • PC based control console with ProLINK control software

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