Model 3664 – Shear Test Machine




Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Performance, Structural Fatigue

Model 3664 – Shear Test Machine


The Model 3664 Shear Test Machine is designed to evaluate the bond strength interface between a friction material pad and its backing plate for passenger car and medium truck disc brakes, typically using the SAE J840 Test Procedure. A normal load is applied during testing such that the friction force is minimized and does not significantly affect the shear load. Fixtures are utilized to match the radius at the point of lining contact.


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Maximum Shear Load  66 or 150 kN
Shear Load Apply Rate 4500 N/sec, 10 mm/min
Maximum Normal Load 5340 N

Key Benefits

  • Compact, desk-sized machine
  • Performs standard SAE J840 test procedure

Test Procedures

SAE J840 Test Procedure

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