Model 2909 Manual Clutch Durability Test Machine




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Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 2909 Manual Clutch Durability Test Machine


The Model 2909 Clutch Durability Test Machine is used to measure manual clutch wear over extended operating conditions. Accelerated results of clutch durability may be examined over shorter periods of time and under extreme or typical operating conditions. Characteristics such as wear, slip, travel, and engagement time can be viewed in real-time.

The assembly can then be brought to operating velocity and repeatedly cycled to monitor key characteristics over time.


  • Manual clutch durability
  • Analysis of wear, slip, travel and engagement
  • Disc wear
  • Clutch travel
  • Engagement, disengagement load
  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Stroke


Speed Variable from 0-4000 rpm
Input Drive 140 hp
Input Torque 400 ft-lb
Controls ProLINK software, fully auto- mated process
Stroke Velocity 20 inches/second
Stroke Force 300 lb


Key Benefits

  • Programmable controls using ProLINK interactive software allows the operator an easy method to establish test variables and output data formats.
  • Employs complimentary designed bell housing
  • “On the fly” component wear measurement

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