Model 3016 - Residual Drag and RTV Machine




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Performance, Durability, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness

Model 3016 - Residual Drag and RTV Machine


The Model 3016 is a dual-ended test machine, which can be configured for residual brake drag measurements and generation of wear induced Rotor Thickness Variation. This test system can provide overall torque variation figures, order analysis of torque variation or reconstructed waveforms.


Control System ProLINK
Motor 5.6 Kw AC
Speed 0 to 1750 rpm
Torque Measurement 20 Nm, +/- 0.02 Nm
Maximum Brake Pressure 138 bar
Non-Contact DTV Measurement 6 channels
Maximum Rotor Diameter 480 mm

Key Benefits

  • High precision torque sensor for accurate and reliable measurement of off-brake drag
  • Caliper mounting fixtures with low overhung loads remove vehicle spindle bearing drag
  • Data is displayed in real-time, synchronized with pressure, torque and other test data
  • Data and report results in graphical and tabular formats
  • Automatic report generation and distribution

Test Procedures

  • DTV generation and correction

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