Model 3315 Rotor Mapping Station




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Model 3315 Rotor Mapping Station


The Model 3315 Rotor Mapping Station is a precision system designed to measure Thickness Induced Runout (TIR) and Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of brake rotors. The station utilizes a precision rotary table, in conjunction with non-contact capacitive sensors capable of making very small displacement measurements between the probe face and the electrically conductive brake rotor surface.


Control System ProLINK
Rotation 0—360 degrees (continuous)
Rate of Travel 0 to 2 rev/min
Number of Probes/Channels 2
Maximum Range 2.5 mm
Probe Type   Capacitive (non-contact)/ LVDT (contact)

Key Benefits

  • Measures inboard and outboard run-out, and Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of a rotor on the vehicle in the laboratory
  •  Allows for easy fingerprinting of rotors
  • Provides topographical images for ease of identifying rotor variations
  • User friendly, graphical reports for mapping and identifying rotor variations

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