Model 3526 Eccentric Mass Wheel




Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 3526 Eccentric Mass Wheel


The Model 3526 Eccentric Mass Tester is designed to evaluate automotive wheel fatigue without spinning the test part. A stationary moment shaft is attached to the wheel from below with an offset mass spinning around the moment shaft. The spinning offset mass provides a load that transfers through the moment shaft to the test wheel.

Fixtures are utilized to align the wheel and attach the moment shaft. Due to the height of the machine, a work platform is required around the test area. This machine is the newest technology machine for wheel fatigue testing and designed for SAE J328 testing with passenger car and light truck applications.


Wheel Moment 1 kNm to 25 kNm
Test Part Stationary
Load Speed 90 rpm to 2500 rpm (1.5 Hz to 41.7 Hz)
Load (Offset Mass) Interchangeable mass
Moment Shaft 762 mm (30”) min. from rim centerline to load
Deflection Measurement (2) Lasers, 90° apart pointed at moment shaft
Table Diameter 1220 mm (48”)


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