Model 3536 Biaxial Wheel Tester




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Test Type

Structural Fatigue

Model 3536 Biaxial Wheel Tester


The Model 3536 Biaxial Wheel Tester performs wheel and hub durability tests in a laboratory setting. It is an efficient and easy-to-use tool that simulates actual driving conditions for vehicles from passenger cars to light trucks and SUV’s.

Innovative use of electric servo motors, ball screw actuators and a multi-axis force transducer enable LINK’s proprietary Moment Control method to deliver higher levels of accuracy and repeatability, while shortening test time.


  • Wheel and hub durability
  • Passenger cars to light trucks and SUV’s


Drum Diameter 970 mm or 1050 mm
Drum Width 340 mm (between curb rings)
Maximum Activator Load Forces Radial +/- 40 kN maximum
  Lateral +/- 25 kN maximum
Actuator Strokes & Angle Radial - 250 mm
  Lateral - 250 mm
Camber Angle +20º to - 20º ± 0.05 º
Drive Motor 55 kW (74 HP)
Speed 183 kph with 970mm drum
  198 kph with 1050 mm drum


Key Benefits

  • Reduced noise and minimum maintenance
  • Automatic tire pressure system that maintains preset pressure
  • Short test times

Test Procedures

  • AK-LH-08
  • SAE J2562

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