Model 3928 Bearing Endurance Test Machine




Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 3928 Bearing Endurance Test Machine


The Model 3928 provides a sophisticated dual station test system to perform endurance testing on automotive wheel bearings. A single control system is integrated to run both test stations. The Model 3928 is an ideal instrument for control, product development research and other endurance applications.

The control system maintains a constant load on each bearing assembly while rotating the test parts at user-programmable test speeds. Simulated forces are reproduced via a pneumatically actuated load apply system.


Control System         ProLINK
Motor         11.2 kW
Max Speed 1500 rpm
Max Load 22,240 N


Key Benefits

  • Accurate and reproducible measurements
  • Sophisticated dual station test system with a single control system

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