Model 4275 Ethernet Data Acquisition & Control Conversion Kit


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Model 4275 Ethernet Data Acquisition & Control Conversion Kit


The path for customers to replace control computers can be difficult due to technology changes through the years. Today, procuring a specialized computer that features adequate card slots for the existing interface boards is almost impossible to find due to the adaptation of Ethernet.

The Model 4275 Ethernet Conversion Kit provides a simple and cost effective means of upgrading most existing LINK control systems.  The conversion kit provides the hardware needed to replace the analog and digital interface PC boards that reside inside the machine control computer.


  • Upgrade existing LINK control systems


Computer and Software Requirements  
        Ethernet: One free port, RJ45,  10/100/1000 base T, 803.2
        ProLINK Software: Latest version required (not included)
Analog Inputs 64 channel, ± 10 V in, 16 bit A/D, 2000 Hz sample
Analog Outputs 16 channel, ± 10 V in, 16 bit D/A, 300 Hz update
Digital Inputs 48 channel,  TTL voltage level
Digital Outputs 48 channel,  open collector, 35 Vdc, 0.2 A
Counter Inputs 4 channel, 5 MHz, quadrature plus marker, 32 bit, 2000 Hz sample
Communication Interface Ethernet to ProLINK Computer


Key Benefits

  • Fast installation
  • Cost effective
  • Solves computer upgrade challenges

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