Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer




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Test Type

Performance, Durability, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness

Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer


The full-sized Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer is robustly designed for performance and durability testing of brakes for off-highway and commercial vehicles. A multi-disc inertia section, combined with electric motor Inertia Simulation (I-Sim), replicates test conditions for a wide range of vehicles. It is qualified for research and development of air and hydraulically actuated drum and disc brakes, as well as, friction materials. The system can be configured for single or dual-end operation, with clutched inertia discs, a static torque system, environmental conditioning, noise insulation, water spray and dust spray. A noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) analyzer, disc thickness variation (DTV) measurement, full wheel fixture, stainless steel test enclosure, video camera and thermal imaging system are also available.


Control System ProLINK
Sample Rate 2000 samples/sec
Drive Motor 186 kW / 224 kW
Shaft Speed 0 - 1500 rpm
Brake Torque 35,000 Nm
Drag Torque n/a
Mechanical Inertia 156 - 2689 kgm²
Inertia with I-Sim 20 - 3000 kgm²
Air Brake Pressure 12 bar @ 20 bar/sec
Hydraulic Pressure 200 bar @700 bar/sec

Key Benefits

  • ProLINK software integrates control, data acquisition, analysis and reporting
  • Proven components with low maintenance
  • Delivered as single unit  with controls and power cabinet integrated onto machine
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Fold-away brake chamber for ease of technician test part setup

Test Procedures

  • ECE R13 and R90
  • ISO 11157-ECE R13 performance
  • JASO C427 wear vs. temperature
  • JASO C443 mountain descent simulation
  • Laurel Mountain durability
  • SAE J2115
  • ATPD 2354A
  • CTEA-TP 121D static torque performance
  • ISO 26865 performance for air brake systems
  • ISO 26866 wear vs. temperature for air brake systems
  • JASO C407 truck and bus brake performance
  • RP628 qualification
  • SAE J2115
  • SAE J2522 AK-Master
  • SAE J2684 FMVSS 105 dyno testing
  • Dynamometer testing under ISO 15484
  • VIC 541, 3, 4
  • AAR-M 997 brake shoe specification
  • JASO C568

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