Model 8900 Tire-Coupled Aircraft Dynamometer


Brakes, Wheel, Hub, Tire


Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing, Vehicle Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Structural Fatigue

Model 8900 Tire-Coupled Aircraft Dynamometer


The Model 8900 Tire-Coupled Aircraft Dynamometer replicates forces on aircraft wheels and brakes by simulating normal and emergency braking conditions at speeds up to 560 kph. It has two horizontal loading heads, with an optional third head positioned vertically above the road-wheel. The dynamometer combines automatic and manual selection of mechanical inertia disks, along with electrical Inertia Simulation (I-Sim), to provide a wide range of testing capabilities that can simulate dynamic characteristics. The servo controlled hydraulic brake-apply system controls braking forces. A cooling and dust evacuation system is available; along with a static torque system to simulate parking brake forces ProLINK software controls facilitate fully programmable operation, data acquisition and presentation of the test results.

Key Benefits

  • Full scale lab testing of aircraft wheels and brakes
  • Wide range of inertia with mechanical disks and I-Sim
  • Programmable operation and data acquisition


Control System ProLINK
Road-wheel 3 m diameter X 1.5 m wide
Speed 560 kph
Radial Load 666 kN
Torque 271 kN-m
Yaw Adjustment ± 20 degrees
Motor 5,000 kW
Inertia 6,500 to 96,900 kg-m2


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