Custom Solutions, Control Systems, Data Acquisition, Brakes, Transmission, Driveline, Wheel, Hub, Tire


Test Equipment, Laboratory Testing, Vehicle Testing

Test Type

Performance, Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness, Structural Fatigue, Certification / Type Approval



ProLINK is the most in-depth and reliable software available for the testing industry and has the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. This intuitive program can be used across a wide range of testing applications and is renowned for its ease of use.

The control system consists of five main application modules that work together to provide a robust environment for the most demanding control and test systems. Each software tool corresponds to a step in the overall testing process: Test Setup, Procedure, Execution, Data Review, Final Report.


  • Brake dynamometers
  • Custom test solutions
  • Aircraft dynamometers
  • Material property testers
  • Chassis dynamometers
  • Wet and dry friction testers
  • Transmission dynamometer
  • Vehicle measurement systems

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy to learn
  • Off-the-shelf ready
  • Users can employ Windows interface
  • Flexible/adaptable to suit your needs
  • Layers of sophistication to grow with you
  • Same software used for multiple machine types

Dyno View

Dyno View is the user interface of ProLINK. Dyno View allows the user to customize screen displays to suit their needs. The operator is able to select a combination of real time information as well as apply summary and graphical information.

RevData Plus

The RevData Plus program is an interactive data reviewer. Its purpose is to easily examine test data in both tabular and graphical format.  This system allows quick, apply-based review of all types of LINK test data.

Script Edit

Script Edit is an integrated editor-compiler-debugger that provides some special features associated with control programming. Its main purpose is to modify the scripts, which are the test stand control programs.

The script language allows full control over all aspects of the machine, including direct access to all physical IO points.  This allows for a very flexible and powerful machine control environment that can adapt to the ever-changing requirements of test equipment.

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