Seat Vibration Tester

Seat Vibration Tester


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Structural Fatigue

Seat Vibration Tester


The Seat Vibration Tester is designed to accommodate up to six single seats or a combination of two and three seat benches with a payload of 800 pounds and a constant acceleration of 1 G. To avoid backlash problems, the table is pivoted on a flexure design bearing. The system is designed to be assembled in an anechoic chamber.


  • NVH
  • Squeak and Rattle Testing

Key Benefits

  • Sine sweep: operator defined frequency range and linear or logarithmic rate, with defined acceleration level.
  • Graphing capability: Auto-scaled or Zoom features with cursors.
  • Control limits based upon displacement, load, or acceleration.
  • Selectable tracking filters in remove harmonics. The tracking filter bandwidth and signal averaging is user configurable

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