SRA Series Spinning Rotary Actuators

SRA Series Spinning Rotary Actuators


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Structural Fatigue

SRA Series Spinning Rotary Actuators


The SRA Series Spinning Rotary Actuator is used for applying torque in 4-square applications. It consists of a double vane type hydraulic rotary actuator and a rotary coupling to communicate hydraulic fluid to the actuator while it is spinning.

A 4-square mechanically regenerates power through a mechanical system of shafts and gearboxes. This rotary actuator provides torque to load the system while the drive motor provides the rotational speed and is sized only to overcome the friction in the system, resulting in an energy efficient test stand.


  • Torque application in 4-square systems

Key Benefits

  • Low friction interface with a theoretically infinite life
  • Can be used in high dynamic systems
  • Easy installation and removal


Standard SRA Product Specifications*
Model Output Torque Max RPM
Inch-Lb @3500 psid Newton-Meter @240 bar
SRA-4420 4420 500 7000
SRA-22000 22000 2475 6000
SRA-44000 44000 5000 4000
SRA-88000 88400 10000 2000
SRA-177000 176800 20000 2000
SRA-353000 353600 40000 1000
SRA-440000 884000 100000 400
SRA-884000 1768000 200000 400
SRA-1768000 3530000 400000 400
SRA-353000 7060000 800000 300


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