Spiral Washers

Spiral washers are designed for use with a stud for creating a fatigue rated connection from the actuator to load carrying elements such as load cells, ball joints, or swivels.

Delta-P Thru Hole Mounting Plates

Delta P transducers can be utilized in an active damping control loop to stabilize high capacitance systems. Includes O-rings.

Fatigue Rated Swivel Joints

The Fatigue Rated Swivel Joints allow 180 degrees of rotational freedom and up to 30 degrees of angular tilting displacement. The swivel joints can also reduce side loads induced on the actuator due to traverse forces and bending moments.

Hydraulic Control Manifold

LINK’s HCM product line offers robust, flexible and dependable solutions for controlling hydraulic power to your test systems. They are designed specifically to meet each customer’s unique need.

High Strength Studs

The high strength studs are used to connect accessory items such as load cells, swivels, or ball joints to the actuators.

Hydraulic Power Supply

LINK’s Hydraulic Power Supply product line offers robust, flexible, and dependable solutions for supplying hydraulic power to your test systems. Multiple models are available to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Model 3546 Hub/Wheel Bearing Tester

The Model 3546 is designed to reproduce the forces acting on vehicle wheel bearings by controlling the magnitude of the cornering and radial forces. The axial and radial load apply systems utilize hydraulic cylinders.

Brake Shim Damping Test Stand

The Brake Shim Damping Test Stand determines the damping characteristics of shim materials. A shim is attached to a standard metal plate with an elastomer and excited by a modal hammer. The Eigenfrequencies and dampings are measured with a Laser-Doppler-Vibrometer over a temperature range from –30° to +140° C, in steps of 2°C, with a non-contact thermal sensor, and then a map of the results is produced.

Model 3830 Radial Fatigue Machine

The Model 3830 Radial Fatigue Machine is capable of reproducing the radial forces acting on wheels and tires to evaluate their integrity. This roadwheel type machine functions by applying a constant load to the test wheel and tire normal to the surface of the roadwheel and inline radially with the center of the test article. The rotational axis of both the test article and roadwheel are parallel.

Model 3536 Biaxial Wheel Tester

The Model 3536 Biaxial Wheel Tester performs wheel and hub durability tests in a laboratory setting. It is an efficient and easy-to-use tool that simulates actual driving conditions for vehicles from passenger cars to light trucks and SUV’s.