Model 1614 Starter Motor Test Stand

The Model 1614 Starter Motor Test Stand tests automotive starters in a production environment to identify defective starters. It applies a load to the motor, which simulates actual operating conditions, and then it acquires data, compares data points with predetermined limits, determines pass/fail and graphically displays and saves each test result. It typically runs a free spin and performance test on each motor. The ProLINK control system facilitates testing up to 110 starter motors per hour. The test motor is mounted into a fixture and secured by hydraulic clamps. A pneumatic cylinder contacts the starter terminals and the test is run. Sensors measure current, voltage, speed and reaction torque. A pneumatic cylinder and die marks each starter that passes the test.


ProLINK is the most in-depth and reliable software available for the testing industry and has the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. This intuitive program can be used across a wide range of testing applications and is renowned for its ease of use.

3500 Test Controller

The 3500 Test Controller is designed to provide long term stability so users can benefit from technological improvements without continual capital investment and controller obsolescence.  It comes with many different options that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Model 4275 Ethernet Data Acquisition & Control Conversion Kit

The path for customers to replace control computers can be difficult due to technology changes through the years. Today, procuring a specialized computer that features adequate card slots for the existing interface boards is almost impossible to find due to the adaptation of Ethernet.


LabLINK is a complete laboratory information management system (LIMS) enabling lab staff to:


LINK, through the advent of RegenSim, has developed the capability to simulate regenerative braking conditions on inertia brake dynamometers. This is the most advanced regenerative braking testing software available on the market today.

Model 3700 Display Module

The Model 3700 Display Module works in conjunction with electronic compression, tension, and torsion spring testers and is used to collect and display spring tester data.  The module also functions as a controller when paired with a LINK motorized spring tester. 

Chrysler Proving Grounds Chelsea, MI

LINK has access to the Chelsea Proving Grounds located at 3700 South M52 in Chelsea Michigan, just 60 miles west of Detroit. The 3,800-acre Proving Grounds is one of the largest, most modern automotive test sites in the world. Dedicated on June 16, 1954, its roads and facilities have been improved and expanded continually to keep pace with product offerings and testing techniques. The Chelsea Proving Grounds contains over 100 lane miles of on and off road test surfaces. Durability and Reliability testing is conducted year round in laboratories and on specially designed roads. In addition to test roads and surfaces, the Chelsea Proving Grounds also offers impact testing, emissions and fuel economy testing.

Fowlerville Proving Ground

LINK has access to the Fowlerville Proving Ground located in Fowlerville, Michigan.Situated on 950 secluded acres near Fowlerville, Michigan, the FPG combines leading-edge testing and analytical technologies in a pleasant, rural setting just a short drive from Detroit. The facility boasts four test tracks, including a 4,500-foot straightaway, 48,000 square-feet of low and middle µ tiles, a 20-acre dynamic pad and a 3-mile oval track.

GM Proving Grounds, Yuma, Arizona

LINK has access to the GM Desert Proving Grounds located in Yuma, Arizona. The facility is leased by General Motors from the US Army. The facility came fully online as of July 2009. The site contains an inner facility sitting on 2,400 acres with a 24-acre campus containing 98,000 square feet of building area and also has 40 miles of roadway. One of the main reasons that this site was chosen was the already imposed no fly zone which helps prevent unwanted photography of pre-production prototypes undergoing testing.