LabLINK (Copy)


LabLINK is THE complete laboratory information management system (LIMS) enabling labs to streamline testing, create test requests, schedule resources, monitor asset utilization, and data mine in real time. Unlike other LIMS products, LabLINK actively monitors the status of connected equipment and provides dynamic scheduling updates based on actual equipment run-time. This functionality is further enhanced through an integrated notification and alert system. If you are conducting testing in a laboratory environment, we are confident that LabLINK will streamline processes and increase efficiency.

LabLINK is a browser-based application accessible by many devices. Whether you are viewing the status of your laboratory from your work PC or checking out your operations from your iPhone or Android device, LabLINK provides multi-platform access to the information you need when you need it.

LabLINK was designed to work across a range of industries, platforms and business systems. LabLINK is compatible with ProLINK and non-ProLINK test equipment. It can also be installed as a stand-alone product with no equipment interface. LabLINK is built to be customizable and can be easily integrated into existing business systems such as ERP’s or other business databases.


Application Modules

LabLINK is comprised of five main modules. The program can be implemented as a complete package or as standalone modules with the ability to add modules in the future. This enables you to create a customized solution based on your budget, needs and priorities.

  1. Test Request Module: An intuitive interface for creating test requests in the laboratory
  2. Scheduling Module: Serves as a user-friendly mechanism to organize, view, and control all scheduled tasks within the laboratory
  3. Lab Monitor Module: Provides real-time and historical views of machine status and efficiency through the use of customizable charts that can be created on the fly or saved as favorites
  4. Maintenance Module: Acts as a single-point of reference for tracking the maintenance status of all machines
  5. Data Warehouse Module (in development): Provides data analysis capability across a large population of test data

Key Benefits

  • Developed specifically for lab management: Fits precisely with the needs of the customer while streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. Comprehensive lab management: Manage an entire lab from nearly any device.
  • Modular by design: Versatile solutions, enabling you to choose which module will best fit your testing needs.
  • Optimizes laboratory efficiency & security: Faster and safer lab management that will streamline the laboratory processes while maintaining security.
  • Crystal clear visibility: view real-time machine status, historical efficiency, and communication to all team members
  • Versatility to work with existing ERP systems: Direct integration with existing ERP possible. Software customizations required depending on integrated systems