Who We Are

Link Engineering Company designs and manufactures precision test equipment, and provides comprehensive testing services for Transportation, Off-Highway, Industrial, and Civil Engineering. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan near Detroit, we maintain test laboratories and support facilities throughout the world.

What We Do

Our specialty is developing innovative custom solutions for your most complex and demanding applications—especially in the arenas of force displacement and rotational torque. As the gold standard in testing for more than 80 years, LINK brings decades of hands-on experience and out-of-the-box thinking to OEMs and suppliers everywhere.

Where others either test your components or make test equipment, LINK does both. So you can test in our labs, buy your own system, or mix and match to fine-tune your solution. This unique flexibility delivers the most intelligent, cost-effective results.

We are also known worldwide for designing innovative control and data acquisition strategies for any type of measurement. Our groundbreaking ProLINK control system, which lets you analyze your data and create actionable custom reports through simple menu selections, is the most powerful yet user-friendly control system anywhere.

How We Make a Difference

As an active participant or technical lead on several local and international industry working groups, we’ve helped establish many of the test specs and methodologies that have become universal standards. We are always pushing the envelope into emerging technologies, and consider it our responsibility to spearhead industry initiatives for the benefit of all.

We are proud of our three-generation family-owned heritage, and strive to treat all of our customers and employees as family, too. Since many of our team members have been here for a generation or more, LINK offers a depth of experience, a collaborative approach, and a sense of purpose that few can match.

We look forward to continuing that evolution, bringing smarter and more innovative testing solutions to industry everywhere.