Model 8700 Aircraft Roll Dynamometer

The Link Model 8700 Aircraft Roll Dynamometer reproduces the radial and side forces acting on aircraft wheels to evaluate their integrity. This dynamometer applies a controlled radial load to an aircraft strut assembly (tire, wheel, hub and brake) against a rotating 3 m diameter hardened road wheel. Radial load is controlled by a servo valve, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic power unit. Yaw and camber angles can be adjusted to induce side loads. The speed of the road wheel surface is controlled by a variable speed motor. Tire pressure is controlled through an automatic inflation and deflation system.

Model 4298 Electric Vehicle Motor and Driveline Stand

The Model 4298 Electric Vehicle and Driveline Dynamometer provides capability for performance and durability testing of electric vehicle motors or (hybrid) drive units. This machine provides the ability to reproduce a wide range of road driving conditions and is suitable for testing EV/HEV/PHEV products.

Model 2909 Manual Clutch Durability Test Machine

The Model 2909 Clutch Durability Test Machine is used to measure manual clutch wear over extended operating conditions. Accelerated results of clutch durability may be examined over shorter periods of time and under extreme or typical operating conditions. Characteristics such as wear, slip, travel, and engagement time can be viewed in real-time.

Model 2190 Automatic Transmission High Speed Test System

The Model 2190 is designed for durability and performance testing of complete transmission assemblies. It also measures transmission pump efficiency and durability while accommodating a complete line of transaxles and transmissions. Parasitic losses are evaluated for both Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive type transmissions.

Model 2090 Transmission Torque Cycling Durability Machine

The Model 2090 is used to determine case and component fatigue for automatic transmissions. It determines the effects of individual component variability with respect to temperature, torque, operating pressure, and part lubrication. Tests are conducted by cycling each gear range at preselected pressures and input/output torque levels.

Model 1850 Driveline Closed Loop Test System (6 Square)

The Model 1850 Driveline Closed Loop Test System, or 6-Square machine, is designed to test durability of differentials and axles in a hard-geared loop. The Model 1850 provides great flexibility and can be configured to accommodate a variety of testing needs. The rotary torque generator creates binding torque without using a braking device.

NVH Chassis Dynamometer

The NVH Chassis Dynamometer is used to evaluate a wide range of vehicles, from small passenger cars to light trucks, at up to 400 kph. The system can be configured with one, two or four rolls, with each axle, or each individual roll, driven by a motor. The drive motor(s) and power equipment can be isolated in a separate room, or in noise enclosures. The rolls are completely enclosed, except for the running surface in the room above, keeping background noise levels low. An automated wheelbase adjustment system accommodates a wide range of wheelbases on multi-axle systems. The dynamometer can be configured with a noise and vibration evaluation package, a hemi-anechoic room, an environmental control system, an engine cooler and vehicle tie down straps. The size of the rolls, their surface treatment, the allowable load range and other parameters can also be customized. A dedicated noise analyzer, controlled by ProLink software, captures and displays NVH data.

Model 3900-P NVH Brake Dynamometer

The full-sized Model 3900-P NVH Brake Dynamometer is a single based dynamometer used to evaluate brake Performance and Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) of automotive and medium truck brake systems in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. Utilizing a vehicle suspension fixture, it can accurately reproduce system NVH frequencies during low-speed brake drag protocols. The single base design is smaller in size than the 3900, and does not require an isolated foundation.

Model 20200 Roller Brake Tester

The LINK Model 20200 Roller Brake Tester is only 152 mm high above the rollers and can be placed on a garage floor or in a parking lot without a special foundation or pit. Brake forces at each wheel are measured with strain-gage type transducers. Additional sensors are available to measure air pressure, pedal force and axle weight. The ramps quickly fold up so that one person can easily roll it out of the way. Six large rubber feet are adjustable for uneven surfaces and prevent tester movement.

BM 14200 Roller Brake Tester

The BM14200 Roller Brake tester (also known as a Performance-Based Brake Tester or PBBT) uses two large rollers and one small center roller, one meter wide, on each wheel, to test vehicles with axle loads up to 20,000 kg. Optional wider rollers and the split sub frame design allow the user to customize the track width range during installation, allowing for a wide range of wheel tracks. A rugged aluminum enclosure houses large and easy-to-read analog and digital displays of relevant test data.