Model 3315 Rotor Mapping Station


The Model 3315 Rotor Mapping Station is a precision system designed to measure rotor total indicator run-out (TIR) and disc thickness variation (DTV). The station utilizes a precision rotary table in conjunction with non-contact capacitive sensors capable of making very small displacement measurements between the probe face and an electrically conductive surface (brake rotor).

The system utilizes two probes with automated “x” axis movement for positioning of outboard, center and inboard measurement locations. Probe adjustment in the “z” axis includes manual fine height adjustment control to position the probe near the rotor face.

An amplifier produces an analog DC voltage output that is proportional to the distance between the probe face and rotor.

The system offers straightforward operation and requires minimal maintenance. ProLINK Windows-based software is user-friendly and includes features such as user-configurable sampling rate per degree, order tracking, and graphical reporting for ease of mapping and identifying rotor variations.


Key Features

  • Adjustable probe holder
  • Angle position measurement
  • Electronically controlled rotation table
  • Control and reporting computer
  • ProLINK software
  • Equipment rack (AC) & interface box
  • Non-contact probes
  • Order tracking