Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer


The Model 6900 Commercial Vehicle Brake Dynamometer (Model 6900) is a full-sized system robustly designed to evaluate braking performance characteristics up to 35,000 Nm for off-highway and commercial vehicle applications. This state-of-the-art machine incorporates a multi-disc inertia section combined with electric motor I-Sim capability to replicate exact test conditions required for brake testing. The Model 6900 is a qualified machine for research and development of drum brakes, air disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, and friction material within a structured test setting that is proven to compare with full vehicle results.


Key Benefits

  • Latest technology software and controls
  • Proven components with low maintenance
  • Controls and power cabinet integrated onto machine
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Fold-away brake chamber for ease of technician test part setup
  • Compact pedestal workstation
  • Calibration fixture for torque

Key Features

  • Tabular step-by-step test script generation
  • Customizable brake engineer graphical data review software (RevDataPlus)
  • Automated reporting tools through MS-Excel
  • High accuracy electric inertia simulation (I-Sim)
  • Servo brake profile control
  • Precision sensors for measurement: shaft speed, torque, pressure, stroke, brake temperature, cooling air speed, air temperature, humidity
  • Integrated solution to auxiliary systems (DTV measurement, NVH, water spray, etc.)

Test Procedures

  • FMVSS121
  • SAE J2115
  • European standards
  • Performance wear
  • Durability
  • Thermal capacity
  • City traffic route simulations