CV Joint Compliance Test System


This system is custom-designed to acquire the applied torque and angular displacement of a C.V. joint as it is twisted in the test fixture.

The C.V. joint assembly is clamped at both ends into the fixture; one end is fixed while the other is rotated by an electric motor. The motor rotates at a selectable rate between 0.1 and 1.0°/s to a selectable torque of up to 200N. As the unit rotates, hardware timed torque and position measurements are taken.

A graph of the acquired data is displayed while the test is running. At the conclusion of the test, the data and calculated values are displayed and automatically saved to disk. This data can be retrieved from disk without any loss of function.



  • Determines torque versus displacement characteristics


  • Precision encoder for resolution at 1/320 of a degree
  • Rotary torque cell
  • LabVIEW for control, data acquisition, and analysis
  • Reports generated in MS Word Ability to automatically e-mail and print test reports
  • Powered by standard 120VAC from wall plug
  • Capable of 50inch-long assemblies