Structural Load Frame


The Structural Load Frames, a two-column design load unit, is a rigid device used to perform tests on components. The adjustable crosshead allows for the insertion of environmental chambers, and gives a large working range for various specimen and fixtures.



  • Component testing

Key Benefits

  • The frame has high stiffness and low mass resulting in high natural frequency allowing a wide test frequency range
  • A polymer coated plain or hydrostatic actuator is integrated in the base plate increasing the lateral stiffness


The crosshead is optionally mechanically or hydraulically locked and lifted. When hydraulic option is used, the crosshead is hydraulically unlocked, increasing the safety. Side mounted lift actuators adjust the crosshead working space.

A low-profile fatigue rated load cell provides high side load capability.

The actuator servo valve manifold can be designed for single, dual or three stage valves, using close coupled accumulators for increased performance. The frame is located on rubber isolation pads.