Cleat Testing and High-Speed Uniformity


The Cleat Testing and High-Speed Uniformity machine is used to assess ride and comfort for a vehicle and to generate accurate tire models. This is a special machine, which is used to input prescribed impacts into the tire or simply to measure the subtle differences in ride between various tires. In both cases, the tests demand superior stiffnesses and high sensitivity instrumentation to ensure that the data are not affected by machine compliance and vibrations.


Key Benefits

  • Top of Class performance ideal for tire modeling and ride and comfort studies
  • Easy to use ProLink interface provides unmatched ability to tailor tests to customer’s needs

Key Features

  • Rigid, 2.4 meter (8-foot) drum.
  • Stiff structure with natural frequencies approaching 200 Hz.
  • Various cleat sizes in both transverse and diagonal orientations
  • ProLink complete programming flexibility
  • Kistler P530 measurement head provides industry-standard reliability