Model 2190 High Speed Motoring Machine


The Model 2190 High Speed Motoring machine is designed for both durability and performance testing of complete transmission assemblies. It is designed to accommodate our customer’s complete line of transaxles and transmissions. Parasitic losses are evaluated for both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive type transmissions.
The entire transmission is housed in an environmentally controlled chamber that allows the simulation of worldwide operational conditions. For Rear Wheel Drive transmissions, an axial load may be applied to demonstrate the transmission thrust capabilities.
Transmission pump efficiency and durability are also measured. The machine operator at the control console manages input speeds, output speeds, oil temperature and input torque.



  • Durability testing
  • Performance testing

Key Features

  • Multi axis stanchion
  • Free-standing console
  • Manual and fully automatic testing
  • 10,000-rpm capability
  • Environmental chamber
  • Axial load capability to demonstrate transmission thrust