Model 2900 Automotive Brake Performance Dynamometer


The Model 2900 Dynamometer (Model 2900) is an efficient and easy to use system to perform controlled input or output tests upon hydraulically actuated brake assemblies. The system incorporates state-of-the-art technology for optimal correlation to actual operating conditions. The specific purpose of the Model 2900 is the precise and accurate measurement of performance, effectiveness, thermal capacity, and other attributes related to in-service braking.


Key Benefits

  • The dynamometer controls are designed to enable close correlation with existing certified research and development protocols.
  • Advanced features of the ProLINK software package offer operators dependent control or fully automatic unattended operation.
  • All primary operating functions are performed at the dynamometer station including selection of test parameters, control modes, display of pertinent data, monitoring of all test functions and execution of desired test sequences.

Key Features

  • Computer controlled inertia simulation
  • Swing away enclosure doors and cooling ducts
  • Complete measurement suite to record speed, distance, temperature, torque, and other parameters