Model 3070 Vehicle DTV & Drag Test System


The Model 3070 Vehicle DTV & Drag Test System provides operators the ability to measure the inboard and outboard run-out, as well as the Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of a disc brake rotor on the vehicle. The system can also measure both rolling and break-away torque. It is a portable station that can easily be moved around the vehicle test garage from hoist to hoist to measure vehicles.


Key Benefits

  • Measures rotor inboard/outboard run-out and DTV of a rotor on the vehicle
  • Measures both low rotation speed and break-away torque (on hoist)
  • Portable cart for easy movement around facility
  • Order-tracking

Key Features

  • ProLINK software
  • 0-5 rpm operation
  • Two non-contact capacitive probes
  • Alignment laser


  • Robust Spline Filter for processing slotted/cross-drilled rotors
  • 4 probe system