Model 1400 Aerospace Sample Dynamometer


The Model 1400 Aerospace Sample Dynamometer (Model 1400) is a sub-scale system designed to replicate and analyze actual aircraft operating conditions. It also replicates and analyzes the friction interface of carbon-carbon brake material. This machine uses scaled test samples and inertia to predict performance of a full-size brake. The linear loading system closely controls the pressure between the test samples. This dynamometer performs performance and wear testing in a controlled environment.
The Model 1400 reproduces the kinetic energy, and other parameters, such as temperature, at the friction interface and is used extensively to simulate the performance of carbon-carbon brakes.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces variability for formulation development, without the expense of full-scale testing
  • Reproduces scaled aircraft braking energy conditions, providing rapid test results of different formulations
  • Latest technology software and controls
  • Proven components with low maintenance
  • Controls and power cabinet integrated onto machine
  • Ease of installation (no concrete foundation required)
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Compact pedestal workstation available
  • Calibration fixtures included

Test Procedures

  • Taxi wear stops
  • Landing brake stops
  • Frictional design of experiments
  • Environmental testing